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1.    A State attains some of its national objectives by adopting and implementing its domestic policies. However as it is interrelated with other states, it becomes necessary to adopt policies that would persuade other states to react favorably. To attain such objectives, a state needs to establish diplomatic relations with other states and work in concert towards joint resolutions and cooperative implementations of common issues. The conduct of such relations in a systematic and consistent manner is said to be the Foreign Policy of a State. Both domestic and Foreign Policies are intended to attain objectives of national interest. They are interrelated and mutually reinforcing.
2.    To study the Foreign Policy of a State it is necessary to observe the basic objectives of its policy or its fundamental strategy. In adopting a Foreign Policy, States usually adopt one of the following principles:

a)    isolationism
b)    non-alignment
c)    polarization
3.    Myanmar, since achieving independence, and for quite some time thereafter, adopted and practised an "independent "and "non-aligned "Foreign Policy. Evolution of the objectives of this policy may be observed as follows :
a)    At the time of Myanmar's independence, the international system has an Eastern and Western bloc, between which a "Cold War" was raging. It was also the time when colonial nations were regaining their independence. These newly independent states were in favour of adopting "independent" Foreign Policies," "independent" in the sense of being totally free of outside influence.
b)    For Myanmar, which wrested independence with great difficulty, only an "independent" Foreign Policy was congruent with independence.
c)    Concurrently with independence, Myanmar faced an internal insurgency and therefore wished to avoid a disastrous contention on its soil between the Eastern and Western blocs.Hence it wished to be non-aligned between the two great blocs.
d)    At the time of independence, it was essential to prioritize on economic and social reconstruction. It was declared at that time that foreign assistance , without any strings attached from both sides, will be accepted.
e) As Myanmar is geographically situated between two highly populous nations, India and China, it desired to be independent and non-aligned.
4.    For the above mentioned reasons Myanmar consistently practised an Independent and non-aligned Foreign Policy.


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